Financial Security Practitioners


Wellings & Associates

Our purpose is to ensure, for our Clients, Peace of Mind through Financial Security

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Clear Objectives

Wellings & Associates

Our purpose is to ensure, for our Clients, Peace of Mind through Financial Security

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Financial Security Services

Our custom-designed systems and state of the art technology facilitate second-to-none, fully-documented plans and reports that make possible the delivery of unparalleled support services to our Clients

Budgeting & Debt Management

This is the foundation of all financial planning. Good budgeting and Debt Management make possible the effective planning of each and every aspect of your financial security

Savings, Investment & Retirement Funding

The accumulation and management of your capital demands understanding and diligent application of sound, proven and reliable investment principles to ensure your objectives are achievable

Estate Planning and Insurance

These measures underpin the entirety of your plans. Estate planning determines that your assets benefit those whom you intend to benefit. Insurance ensures the financial security of those you cherish

Your Financial Security Is Our Concern

Wellings & Associates provide a complete and integrated Financial Security Service

The underlying principle of our engagement as your financial advisers, is to bring together every aspect of your finances within an integrated and holistic plan. We refer to this as your Financial Master Plan which is fully documented and serves as the working basis for your ongoing financial planning.

Our services cover the provision of information, the implementation of your plans, and the ongoing monitoring of your Financial Master Plan

  • We work with you to determine the best strategy to achieve your goals and needs
  • We constantly monitor your debt position, investments, insurance and estate planning to keep your financial security on track
  • We communicate with you on a regular basis, letting you know in advance of changes and trends that may affect your situation
  • We are committed to helping you achieve financial security through achievable objectives

At Wellings & Associates we have been providing financial advice to our clients since 1975.

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