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Do You Have A Term Deposit?

By Jack Wellings

Are You Looking For A More Meaningful Return?

If today you hold any funds in a Term Deposit – in your Superfund, Pensionfund, or in your own name – you would be aware of the continuing downward pressure on interest rates, and your attendant lower income.

An Attractive Alternative

Given that one of the major attractions of a Term Deposit is the certainty and continuity of interest earnings, is there a more competitive alternative?

Yes, there is.

Really, the key consideration is CERTAINTY AND RELIABILITY OF INCOME.

And equally importantly, the LEVEL OF INCOME.

A product that certainly satisfies both of these requirements is MLC’s Income Builder Fund.

This fund generated a handsome SEVEN PERCENT return to investors over the past 12 months. (In fact, even higher in a superfund or pensionfund, due to tax concessions.)

Income Builder is an exclusively Australian Industrial share-fund. Its investments are selected for their long-established track-record of high and consistent dividend payments. Such investments may typically include ANZ, CBA, NAB, Westpac, Woolworths, Telstra, etc.

How Reliable Is This Income?

For example, had you invested $100,000 across these six companies in January 2001, you would have received $5,570 (5.57%) over the year.

Over the 2012 year, you would have received $11,281 (11.28%) income.

Today, a typical* Term Deposit would pay you $3,550.

If you are seeking solid, consistent and rising income,
Income Builder may be your answer.

*NAB 12 Month rate as at 28/5/2014

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See the latest Income Builder Report (31/3/2014).

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