Financial Security Practitioners

Our Service

Wellings & Associates are in the business of providing information, guidance and ongoing services relating to Personal Financial Security matters.

Client Services and Benefits

By taking an integrated approach to every aspect of our Clients' finances, we aim to ensure optimal levels of financial security for our Clients and their respective families.

The focus of our service is the financial security and well-being of our Clients.

Well-qualified Financial Advice

Constant availability of information via a dedicated advisor.

Experience and resources

Access to a wealth of experience and expertise within our company

Regular Communication

This is the key to keeping uptodate and remaining confident that your finances stay in satisfactory order.

Periodic Reviews

This ensures that each aspect of your finances remains in harmony with your personal and family circumstances.

Competent, reliable and capable administration 

State of the art, technology-driven maintenance of your records and information

High-quality Research and Resources

Up-to-date research enables our firm to deliver consistent information and guidance in respect to every aspect of every relevant financial matter, including the safe-keeping of your savings and investments.

Membership of Professional Associations

Our firm's Senior Financial Advisor, Amanda Griggs, is an Accredited Fellow of the Association of Financial Advisers, and our firm is a supporter of the Professional Standards and Ethics of the Association.

Peace of Mind

Our firm's motto is "Peace of Mind through Financial Security"

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